Santiago de Compostela

Mention Spain is mentioning an immense country, rich of cultures and enriched by centuries of history. Having roots in the medieval times, Spain is made of an immense variety of important places to visit. In each region you will find locations that will remain in your memory.

It is in Galicia that we find one of the main sanctuaries in the world, where pilgrims, on foot or on horseback, have been going since the Middle Ages. Today, even arriving at Santiago de Compostela by other means, you will find a different atmosphere where each building seems to want to tell you centuries of history.

The Cathedral is undoubtedly the centre of attention of the city. In it, according to tradition, lies the tomb of the Greater James Apostle and that is the reason of the birth of this city. Discover this phenomenal architectural complex with its church, where the Portico de la Gloria welcomes the pilgrims that enter through the main door. Take a look at the great "Botafumero", a large censer suspended in the ceiling, one of the most peculiar attractions of this place.

Losing oneself through the streets of the historic centre is to be carried away by the discovery of an open-air museum, painted by street artists who give life to the city.

However, we recommend that you do not leave the city without sitting on an esplanade experiencing the region's tapas and sea food, which are an icon of the local gastronomic culture that will remain forever on the palate.