Traveling to Cordoba is to enter the domains of the Arabic philosopher Maimonides. To discover the true character of the city you will have to walk through the narrow streets, where your courtyards are the visiting card.

But if in Cordoba the mixture of cultures is evident at every corner, it is in the Mosque-Cathedral that finds the maximum exponent of this fusion. In 785, a mosque was born in the old church of St. Vincent. With the increase of the population, began 812 the extension of the temple. As the space continued to be small for the number of faithful, a second and a third enlargement (961 and 987) were made. In each of these enlargements each of the Califas (Caliphs) wanted to leave its mark perpetuated in the times, exaggerating even more in the decorative motifs. So, another grandiose mosque of 24.000m2. was built. With the reconquest of the city in 1236, the place was converted into a church without any changes of background. Later on, in 1523, the main altar was built inside the temple.

It’s undoubtedly a place not to be missed ..