Azores Archipelago

Mother Nature, wise and skilful, was able to give rise to such beautiful paradises in the most different corners of the world. The Azores are one of them and they invite you to know their particularities: the landscape, the gastronomy, the nautical sports, the customs ...

Santa Maria Island, where the immaculate white of the houses contrasts with the green of the landscape; where the terraces covered with vineyards going down the cliffs to the sea; where the extensive sands invite the pleasures of the sea and the sun; where the basalt twists in the multiple curves of a spectacular baroque façade ...

São Miguel Island, with its dazzling lagoons of a serene beauty, offers you a multitude of sensations. Here, you can discover monuments that tell us the history of five centuries. And in Furnas the "life" of these volcanic islands still boils and manifests its strength.

Terceira Island, with its UNESCO World Heritage site, was born from the sea and to serve the sea This island is a symbol of the new world created by the discoveries: an intense colour of empires dedicated to the Holy Spirit, a testimony of many art and history, a living watercolour of a landscape made of many greens mixed within a rainbow of flowers. The joy and animation are one of the main characteristics of its inhabitants who do not live without a bullfight to the rope or without the carnival ball or without the São Joaninas and, of course, without the Festivities of the Espirito Santo (Holy Spirit).

Graciosa Island, the smallest island of the central group, with its walls of black basalt that erupt in the lush green of the vines, the white silhouettes of mills fanned by the red of the pointed domes ... This is where we have the opportunity to go down into the interior of a volcano; we can admire a precious testimony of the art of the Renaissance; we dive through the rainbow of underwater fauna and flora.

S. Jorge Island, is an immense watercolour painted with infinite hues of green. From the pale green of the grass that rises to the very dark foliage of the bushes covering the ravines that plunge vertically into the sea. It is this predominance of green that makes the island's charm, inviting anyone to walk through a landscape that retains the primitive beauty. It is mandatory to go discover the unusual "fajãs" in the bottom of high cliffs, the interesting examples of Azorean sacred art, the authentic flavour of its famous cheese ...

Pico Island, a mountain rises from the sea and grows beyond the clouds ... and around, the blue of the sky and the water, the green spots of the islands that its height dominates. So is the Pico island: a volcanic cone that the man's hand turned into vineyards and orchards bursting through the black lava.

Faial Island, where in the scenic bay spreads the white town of the city. The green ... the green always present, with broad strokes of the blue of the hydrangeas. Charms of Faial, island where the landscape seems to embrace who arrives and only lets him leave with longing. Where the bare landscape of the Capelinhos volcano contrasts with everything else on this island full of colour.

Flores Island,the island where the constant presence of green in a thousand fresh hues with turquoise blue brushstrokes of ponds make us dream. The waterfalls jump hundreds of meters to the sea. To visit the Flores Island is to penetrate a world made of tranquillity, of encounter with Nature. Where you feel like walking, discover the hidden charms of the evergreen landscape.

Corvo Island, with a tiny population of white houses by the sea, two wonderful lagoons at the bottom of a wide crater ... Horizons of a fresh and soft green ... An image of Our Lady brought from Flanders. Spectacular and abrupt paths ... Such is the Corvo Island, the smallest island of the Azores. Where past and present come together to provide visitors with a unique experience, an unforgettable memory.

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