Built in Tomar by the Order of the Templars, and later the seat of the Militia of the Knights of Christ, the Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ) is based on the austerity of Romanesque art. The central, round-shaped building is the church, whose architectural inspiration comes from the Byzantine church of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. Around the Templar church was born, over time, a huge convent composed of four cloisters and an infirmary. And because the water was scarce, a huge 6-kilometer aqueduct was built, carrying the precious liquid to the convent.

Due to its 700 years of construction, the Convento de Cristo (Convent of Christ) has become a living example of various architectural styles. With its bases in the Romanesque, the gothic, Manueline, Renaissance and Mannerist styles are equally visible.